Nom original : Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman
Traduction : L'équipe des ninjas de la science Gatchaman
Origine : Japon
Année de production : 1972
Nombre d'épisodes : 105
Durée de chaque épisode : 24 minutes env.
01. Gatchaman Versus Turtle King
02. The Evil Ghostly Aircraft Carrier Appears
03. The Giant Mummy That Summons Storms
04. Return of the Iron Beast Mecchadegon
05. Ghost Fleet From Hell
06. The Grand Mini-Robot Operation
07. Galactor`s Giant Airshow
08. The Secret of the Crescent Coral Reef
09. A Demon From the Moon
10. The Massive Underground Monster War
11. The Riddle of Red Impulse
12. The Giant Eating Monster Ibukron
13. The Riddle of the Red Sand
14. The Fearful Ice-Kandar
15. The Fearful Jellyfish Lens
16. Mechanica, The Indestructible Machine
17. The Grand Insect Operation
18. Revenge ! The Whale Operation
19. Hell`s Speed Race
20. A Critical Moment for the Science Ninja Team
21. Who is Governor X ?
22. The Firebird Versus The Fire Eating Dragon
23. Massive Violence of the MechaBall
24. The Neon Giant Laughing in the Dark
25. The Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell
26. The God Phoenix Reborn
27. Galactor`s Witch Racer
28. The Invisible Demon
29. Galack X the Devil Man
30. Kamisorar, The Guillotine Iron Beast
31. The Plan to Assassinate Dr. Nambu
32. The Grand Gezora Operation (1st Part)
33. The Grand Gezora Operation (2nd Part)
34. The Evil Aurora Operation
35. The Angry Blazing Desert
36. Little Gatchaman
37. Renjira, the Electron Iron Beast
38. The Riddle of the Mechanic Jungle
39. Jigokiller, the People-Eating Flowers (1st Part)
40. Jigokiller, the People-Eating Flowers (2nd Part)
41. Killer Music
42. The Great Breakout Trick Operation
43. A Romance, Destroyed by Evil
44. Galactor`s Challenge
45. The Sea Lion Ninja Team of the Night Fog
46. Gatchaman in the Valley of Death
47. The Devil`s Airline
48. The Camera Iron Beast, Shutterkiller
49. The Fearful Mechadokuga
50. Trachadon, the Dinosaur Skeleton
51. The Revolving Cateroller Beast
52. Red Impulse`s Secret
53. Farewell Red Impulse
54. Gatchaman`s Blazing Rage
55. Desperation of the Mini-Submarine
56. The Hated Bird Missile
57. The Evil White Sea
58. Hell`s Mecha-Buttha
59. The Secret Monster Mecha Factory
60. Science Ninja Team, G-6
61. The Phantom of Red Impulse
62. The Snow Devil, Blizzarder
63. Massacre of the Mecha Curve Ball
64. A Christmas Present of Death
65. Super Bem, the Synthetic Iron Beast
66. The Devil`s Fashion Show
67. Certain Death! The Gatchaman Fire
68. Particle Iron Beast, Micro-Saturn
69. A Cemetary in the Moonlight
70. United! Death Girls
71. Governor X, the Immortal
72. A Swarm! Invasion of the Mini Iron Beasts
73. Pursueing Katse !
74. Secret of the Birdstyles
75. Jumbo Shakora, the Ocean Devil King
76. The Bracelets Exposed
77. The Successful Berg Katse
78. Mortal Combat ! 10 000 Meters Under the Sea
79. Stealing the Gatchaman Information
80. Revive! Boomerang
81. Duel on Galactor Island
82. Aim for the Crescent Coral Reef !
83. A Desperate Ring of Fire
84. Smog Fiber, the Spiderweb Iron Beast
85. That`s G-4
86. Galactor`s Plan to Corner the Market
87. Patogiller, the Triple United Iron Beast
88. Iron Beast Snake 828
89. A Trap Sprung in the Crescent Base
90. Matangar, the Armored Iron Beast
91. The Plan to Destroy Crescent Base, Complete
92. The End of the Crescent Base
93. Counterattack ! The Underground Torpedo Operation
94. Electric Devil Beast Angura
95. Giant Devil Men, United Ninjas
96. Now, the Invasion of Gallactor`s Headquarters
97. Leona 3, the Spaceship With No Tomorrow
98. Grape Bomber, the Spherical Iron Beast
99. The Wounded G-2
100. Gatchaman, 20 Years Later
101. The Sniper Group Hebi-Cobra
102. Countermove ! Checkmate X
103. G-2`s Death Wager
104. The Evil Grand Black Hole Operation
105. Earth`s Destruction ! 0002



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