Nom original : The Scooby-Doo show
Année de production : 1978
Nombre d'épisodes : 16
Durée de chaque épisode : 24 minutes env.

01. Watch out ! The Willawaw
02. Don't go near the fortress of fear
03. The creepy creature of volture's claw
04. A highland fling with a monstrous thing
05. A creepy tangle in the Bermuda triangle
06. The warlock of Wimbledon
07. A scary night with a snow beast fright
08. To switch a witch
09. The tar monster / Le trésor disparu
10. The diabolical disc demon
11. The creepy case of old iron face
12. Jeepers, it's the jaguaro !
13. Who was that cat creature I saw you with last night ?
14. Scooby's chinese fortune kooky caper
15. A menace in Venice
16. The beast is awake in bottomless lake



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